First news is good news!

Submitted by Administrateur on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 17:27

The OtterWays team is proud to launch the (closed, invitations only) alpha version of its community creation website: RedBricks!


You can already register as a creator and propose your video game project to the community. A space is dedicated to you, in which you can present your project and update when you want. For each of your projects, you will have the opportunity to detail the next features, and estimate the budget needed to achieve them: these are the future "bricks" of your edifice!


Each project will appears on the platform, and players can share their impression, their ideas, their advice ... They also can leave comments (about the project in general or about a brick in particular), and private messages.
Creators will have a whole range of communication tools to facilitate exchanges with their community: news, newsletters, FAQs, notifications...


Players will have two ways to financially support a project:
-Via the bricks funding system, they can choose to support the functionality that is most important to them.
-If they wish to help a project in general, a classic "tip" system is also available.

Registration during the alpha

Only the fees charged by the payment processor (Stripe) will be applied to any donation for the projects!

Join us at !

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at
Or join us on our discord

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