Autumn news!

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Ready for the autumn news ?
It's been a long time!

RedBricks updates

Level up for RedBricks, our community-based creation platform for video games. Here are the major updates:
-badges / rewards system
-information on each game’s thumbnail and page is more clear
-Improved navigation in each game page
-survey system for players! (
-project suggestion form! (
- ... and of course many bugs fixed!

Presence at events

We traveled a lot, spreading the word about community creation:
Kevin was in Paris for the IndieCade, and Aline crossed the Atlantic ocean to attend two big events: the MEGA (Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade) and the MGIS (Montreal International Game Summit) in Quebec.
Back from Canada, tireless-Aline went to the « Capitole du libre » (French event about free software movement) to present RedBricks and give a lecture on the different ways to create and finance a free game. The speech was recorded and you can watch it here:

New games on RedBricks

We are also very excited to see new games on RedBricks!
Space exploration, tactical war game, multi-player frenzy squirrel soccer, poetic adventure in 3D ... There is something for everyone, have a look here:

Our game project!

One last thing, just a little teasing: OtterWays has started its first original game production! We have a new gamedesigner in the team : welcome Selene! (, and we are ready to bend over backwards to release a wonderful game!
Stay tuned ;)

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